Volunteering experiences: why and how to include them in your curriculum vitae

A good curriculum vitae should be concise enough, but also complete with all relevant experiences to outline the candidate’s professional identity. This is why it might be appropriate to include volunteering experiences in the CV and how to do it correctly. Volunteering: what is it The term “volunteering” generally indicates self-help activities carried out free […]

About recruiting and cockroaches in my head

About recruiting, cockroaches and assessment of motivation Recruiting is an inexhaustible source of interesting topics. I am going to write an article for a long time “How the brain of a recruiter works.” But then there is no time to think about it, then the experimental recruiters do not come across it. But there was […]

How to write an effective cover letter and be called by recruiters

Often underestimated by the candidate, the cover letter is actually a business card to anticipate the salient features of your professional profile and demonstrate the validity of your application. It is very important to understand how to articulate and write the cover letter, as it will be the first step to access the evaluation of […]

Recruiting – 5 reasons for inadequate requirements for applicants

Optimal requirements exist only in theory Take buying a car, for example. One buyer carefully thinks over all the details of the future purchase – how much cargo and how many passengers to transport, which roads to drive, where to store and service the iron horse, Then he studies the offer of different brands, models, […]

Developing a remuneration system – three non-standard examples

Introduction The development of a remuneration system has long been the direct responsibility of managers and HR specialists. Clever calculators capable of processing any data array and calculating a bonus for an employee taking into account a dozen different indicators will surprise anyone for a long time. Meanwhile, the main point of developing an effective […]