Life and death interview

HR is a young direction. Yesterday’s HR officer, who attended several run-of-the-mill seminars on basic HR technologies, behaves like a master of fortune when talking to a candidate. What to be prepared for if such an employee has become on the way to your dream job? How to respond correctly to non-standard interviewing methods?

Have you tried applying for a job at a car dealership? Oh, believe me, this is much more fun than an addiction inspection of an annoying customs officer, who aroused suspicion about the purpose of your visit, the size of your luggage, or maybe you just ended up in the place of a 19-year-old art student who dared to travel to the country on her own Michelangelo, Raphael, and Titian … You will not only be searched, sniffed, figuratively and literally, but will be offered (without fail, of course) to fill out a detailed questionnaire on four or more pages, including questions about the family, starting from the third generation, to provide documents in the original and copies of all pages, take a blood test and other fluids!

A matter of principle!

All of this, mind you, is often just a prelude to the actual interview. Moreover, these requirements are equal for candidates as mechanics and security guards, and sales consultants and administrators. By the end of all the tests, it seems that you are at least applying for the title of NASA pilot. Here are just the average monthly income in these positions will be only from 500 dollars, which is very modest for a specialist with such an “impeccable” reputation.

Prepping for a 1-way video interview | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

What will you do if the apocalypse comes?

A couple of years ago, when recruiting specialists for the position of a sales manager, however, not only them, candidates were asked to fill out, along with a standard questionnaire, a questionnaire with apocalyptic situations like “what would you do if …”.
Among them, I especially liked questions such as:

“You have come to a picnic and you need to make a fire. But you find that you forgot the ax. Your actions?”
“The door on the balcony slammed behind you. What will you do?”
At the same time, yesterday’s amateur psychologist, and now an HR specialist, casually observes the candidate as a test subject. Periodically asks questions, leaning back in his chair and making agonizing pauses in speech. And at the end, when, it would seem, you withstood all the tests with dignity, boldly answered the most tricky questions, demonstrated your portfolio, – victoriously gives out a prepared phrase: “Well, you can’t work with us.” And without explanation. Watch the interview on video and be humorous about the upcoming test of your nervous system! You choose the employer more than he chooses you!

Often the victims of such situations are students, people with little work experience, and this can contribute to low self-esteem. If you have to deal with such unprofessionalism, you should seriously think: “Will I be able to work here?”