Recruitment and job search – how technology has evolved over the past 25 years

Recruitment and job search in the early 90s Job Announcements There was no Internet, Windows just appeared. Hiring advertisements were published in specialized newspapers or in newspapers for private advertisements The cost of newspaper ads was based on size and number of characters. Job descriptions were short and often telegram-like in style. Abbreviations m / […]

Recruiting – 5 reasons for inadequate requirements for applicants

Optimal requirements exist only in theory Take buying a car, for example. One buyer carefully thinks over all the details of the future purchase – how much cargo and how many passengers to transport, which roads to drive, where to store and service the iron horse, Then he studies the offer of different brands, models, […]

Developing a remuneration system – three non-standard examples

Introduction The development of a remuneration system has long been the direct responsibility of managers and HR specialists. Clever calculators capable of processing any data array and calculating a bonus for an employee taking into account a dozen different indicators will surprise anyone for a long time. Meanwhile, the main point of developing an effective […]